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Selection of 12 A5 Postcards

The Beauty of Waste

Simone Post and Dutch photographer Mathijs Labadie made the photo series ‘Precious Plastic Diamonds’. “Up close miniscule pieces of the plastic household waste, collected by ECO-oh!, look like little diamonds and we should try to treat them as such”, as Simone Post says. “We throw away plastic in very large quantities, the need for replacing, collecting and recycling this material is acute”.

Plastic Particles – Photography by Mathijs Labadie

Size 14,8 x 21 cm
Material 100% Recycled Paper
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A new view on recycling mixed plastics

Plastic recycling company ECO-oh! brought in Simone Post for a fresh perspective on their materials. Her quest for new uses found its expression in this inspirational book. In Simone Post’s future scenario for ECO-oh! plastics are sorted by colour and the grey, less-processed materials are given an architectural value as they are used in buildings that consist entirely of recycled plastic. She shows how recycled plastics can be combined and connected in a variety of new ways if their individual, unique qualities are used.

With this project, Simone wants to demonstrate the potential of the material in playful and unexpected ways. She puts another perspective on plastic waste and highlights its beauty. Simone Post is turning ugly ducklings into ornate swans by creating plastic samples in remarkable textures, attractive colour combinations and beautiful shapes. She reveals and shows the hidden beauty of plastic in all its splendour.

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14,8 x 21 cm


100% recycled paper

Delivery time

3-5 working days

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