Lakenvaas Blue

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For the past year we have been working on an extended experimental material research project in collaboration with Cor Unum, a social ceramics workshop in ‘S Hertogenbosch.

This resulted now in the first end product available for all!

The aim of this design was to give the ceramic, a hard and static material, the tactility and movement that define textiles. The starting point was a perfectly smooth table cloth falling off a round table, pleating in unexpected and sensual ways. The stained version of this vase is the same table cloth but than after a successful, celebratory and therefore slightly messy dinner with loved ones.

Every vase is shaped and pleated by hand after pouring it into a mold. Therefore shapes arise which would not have been possible in mass production and impossible to get out of a mold.  By combining serial production methods and handwork we use the best of both worlds. The maker of the vase gives his or her own twist to the vase, which makes every vase unique and gives the ceramic the dexterity of a waving cloth.

Label Cor Unum
Size ø 31 x 36 cm
Material Earthenware
Color Blue
Delivery time 1-4 Weeks


Vlisco Recycled Carpet 150 cm

Capturing a research

‘Vlisco Recycled Carpets’ builds on extensive material research Simone Post initiated into the leftover textiles of Vlisco, a Dutch-based textile manufacturer of high-end wax-printed fabrics mainly exported to Africa. The process of designing and producing these fabrics is complicated. In each of the 27 treatments the wax fabric goes through, things can go wrong. Safeguarding their quality standard, Vlisco cannot bring the misprints to market. Only the best of the best goes to Africa.

Using leftovers as well as rejected textiles, Simone Post has developed a line of high-quality carpets. Whereas destruction of the leftover and rejected textiles is time consuming and costly, recycling is environmentally sustainable and also offers a challenging platform for innovation. An obvious restriction for new products made from the waste materials, was for these not to interfere with existing Vlisco products. Also, the new products should not display any flaws from manufacturing defects in the original prints.

Inspired by the side view of the large rolls used to store and transport the textiles, the fabrics are cut into thin strips and then folded and coiled into sturdy carpets. With endless possible colour combinations, a unique product is created each and every time. The design shields the original printed surfaces and potential flaws, while the resulting carpets still show off Vlisco’s stunning colours with new and unexpected patterns.

The Vlisco Recycled Carpets are currently produced and distributed by Label/Breed in The Netherlands. In working with a Dutch label and with Dutch manufacturers, the textiles are recycled locally, an opportunity to challenge the boundaries of the manufacturing industry in The Netherlands.

The carpet has been acquired by several museums including the Utrecht Centraal Museum, Vitra Design Museum and Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg.

Additional information

Cor Unum


36 x 31 cm



Delivery time

2-4 Weeks