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Label Return to Sender
Material 76% merinowol, 24% acryl
Size 180 x 134 cm
Delivery time 1 Week

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Fair trade blankets and cushions for Return to Sender

Dutch fair trade brand ‘Return to Sender’ linked Simone Post to a small family business specialized in weaving, in Ecuador. She was invited to design and produce a series of blankets and cushions for the brand’s new collection. Simone travelled to the South-American country and stayed with the family for a week. On location she studied the available techniques and materials and researched how she could take this to a next level. She changed her initial concept, using the available potential and respecting the limitations.

Tradition as well as modernity have been incorporated in the design. A traditional pattern of stripes has been mirrored and one side of the blanked has been brushed instead of both as is traditionally done. The brushed side focuses on the weft, while on the other side of the fabric both warp and weft are visible. This creates an interesting contrast between a very graphical and a far more tactile and soft look.

By producing their products in various developing countries ‘Return to Sender’ aims to stimulate entrepreneurship and the exchange of knowledge. Proceeds will be channelled back as much as possible and artisans are taught new techniques. The owner of the Ecuadorian weaving mill for example, was familiar with one technique before he started working with Simone. Afterwards he was able to work in different techniques and able to weave new patterns, he could expand his business and apply diversity in his supply. Simone was in turn introduced to local designs and techniques which she could apply in her designs.

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Return to Sender


180 x 134 cm


76% merinowol, 24% acryl

Delivery time

1 Week

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