Nominated for Creative Heroes Awards 2019


We are very proud to announce that Simone has been nominated for a Creative Heroes Award.

The objective of Creative Heroes Awards is to create a relevant platform for creative professionals that achieve a durable positive impact to human, society and/or environment. The organization and the awards generate attention for the power of creativity.


“Simone Post has developed her own design methodology that is characterized by love for color and material research. She has a keen eye for the aesthetics and beauty of waste material, combining traditional crafts and circular thinking and translating this into new processes and products. In this she always looks for successful collaboration with industries, like Vlisco, Adidas, ECO-oh! and Finsa. She knows how to help these companies in a new way of thinking and handling residues.”

Jury: “Her impact is huge, she has achieved a lot in a short period of time in collaborations with the industry.”