Envisions at Madrid Design Festival

2019 February 7-17

Wood in Process, a collaboration between Finsa and Envisions, will be on display at Madrid Design Festival. Wood in Progress, formulated by Finsa by Envisions, aims to provide viewers with an immersive experience via six proposals approached with a clearly experimental mindset, rep- resenting the next step forward in Finsa’s collaboration with the dutch company Envisions. Wood in Progress is the outcome of one year of arduous research into the field of experimental design applied to materials. The six designers from Envisions worked inside the wood company Fin- sa’s factories, alongside its technical teams and specialists. Finsa gave the green light to six of the prototypes presented, proving that the challenge entailed for both companies in this collaboration has been overcome by achieving a common goal: providing innovation to the processes and products, with a clearly experimental vision

February 7-17, 2019

Ephimera C
Sandoval 3
28010 Madrid

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