Envisions at the London Design Fair

2018 September 20 - 23

At the creative heart of East London, Envisions will be presenting wood in progress the continuation of Envisions experimental collaboration with Spanish wood manufacturer Finsa.

From Process to Progress

Shaking up industry’s standards for the past two years with their dazzling displays of experimental design research the creative collective Envisions has soundly validated the importance of a design’s preliminary phases. Ascending from the success of last year’s presentation in Milan, Envisions and the Spanish wood manufacturer Finsa vividly pick up where they left off, and carry their enriching collaboration to even greater heights.

As a second chapter to the creative love story, Envisions and Finsa now stand at the outset of creating tangible, industrial progress. The green light has been given to six of the previously created researches, which the designers have distinctively been maturing into a versatile and industry-worthy collection of materials.

These current product developments are presented as a diptych. Continuously taking a stand in not promoting the final product as design’s highest good, the exhibition firstly consists of a conceptual and impressionistic application of the previously handcrafted materials now industrially altered in the factories of Finsa. Upscaled, repeated and carefully composed together, the contextualised play of materials culminate in a spatial spectacle of sensory finesse which is a direct result of Envisions’ process-focused formula.

Turning the page, we encounter the other side of the diptych that shows us the current, industrial developments of Envisions’ colourful wood samples and Finsa’s captivating manufacturing process involved. Together, the two displays formulate the mission and vision of this collaboration clearly - showing that designers can’t live without the industry and the industry can’t progress without visionary designers. That quality is not a destination, but a direction and - most importantly - a process.

Envisions & Finsa 
Hall 2
Old Truman Brewery
26 Hanbury Street

Participants :
Aukje Fleur Janssen
Elvis Wesley
Roos Gomperts & Elvis Wesley
Sanne Schuurman
Simone Post
Thomas Trum

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