Hotel Droog

2018 February 18 - April 3

New Luxury Serious Seduction

What do we think of when we think about luxury? We think about items that are produced in exclusive and limited editions with expensive materials. About items that are scarce and difficult to obtain. Products that distinguish the owner from others or that confirm a certain social status.

However if ‘luxury’ has become fashionable and anyone can acquire a purse with a waiting list or a pair of Laboutin’s, than – by definition – it is no longer a luxury. Thus the luxury industry is looking for new trends so that their clientele can keep on distinguishing themselves from others. The contours of a new luxury are on the horizon: one in which sustainability plays a major role.

Luxury and sustainability. Are there two terms that are further apart? We associate sustainability with sober, moderate and less. Also we believe that we have to sacrifice something to be sustainable. Surely it is possible to give a sustainable product a seductive and glamorous design that radiates pleasure!

This exhibition presents work by ten Dutch designers that are very able to design sustainable products that seduce. This exhibition presents luxury and abundance as a good investment for the future.


Hotel Droog, Amsterdam

Curated by

Exhibition design by
Eric Sebastiaan Roelen

With work by
Golden Joinery
Heleen Klopper
Dirk van der Kooij
Simone Post
Ariëlle van der Vaart
Richard Vijgen
Karin Vlug & Lisa Konno 
Sander Wassink
Maya Pesach