Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven

2016 October 6 - November 6

RGB Funfair

Invited by Design Academy Eindhoven to conceive a piece for the Broken White exhibition at the Van Abbemuseum, creative collective Envisions set out to place the wonders of LEDs into the limelight. Taking cues from the RGB colour spectrum and a carnival, Envisions members Simone Post, Sanne Schuurman, Iwan Pol, Bastiaan de Nennie and David van der Stel put their creative minds together to fabricate a vibrant installation that displays the spectacular rays which appeared when the first LED illuminated. 

Through additive blending of the red, green and blue hues which formulate a multicoloured LED pixel – widely experienced while gazing at electronic monitors – a flamboyant, festive spectrum appears, where bright streaks both mingle and move as well as clash and collide. Like chameleons, static objects adjust their exterior to the light beams around them, while others seek their subdued moment in the spotlight. In a state of constant flux, the highly visual attraction is aptly titled RGB Funfair, radiating its exuberance and adventure.

Van Abbemuseum 
16 November - 21 December 2016


Bastiaan de Nennie
David van der Stel
Iwan Pol
Sanne Schuurman
Simone Post

Thanks to
Floor Kuitert & Lauren Grieco (text)
Mathieu Meijers
Thomas Widdershoven
Design Academy Eindhoven
Van Abbemuseum

Photo's by
Ronald Smits