Un a Un

Simone Post designed this streetpainting in front of the Gemeente Museum in Helmond, on occasion of the 170 years celebration exhibition by Vlisco. The different layers around the entrance represent the production process of Vlisco. (1) First you have white cotton with a layer of wax. (2) This is being dyed in an indigo bath: what was white turns blue. The wax is partly removed to print the famous Vlisco bubbles. (3) The closer you get to to museum the more finished the print is. You are ready to dive into the beautiful world of Vlisco in the Un a Un exhibition by Vlisco!

Painting is executed by Graffitinetwerk

You can visit the Un a Un (1:1) exhibition at
Gemeentemuseum Helmond
20 Sept 2016 - 12 March 207 post-vlisco-straatschildering-6.jpg post-vlisco-straatschildering 4.jpg post-vlisco-straatschildering 1.jpg post-vlisco-straatschildering.jpg post-vlisco-straatschildering 5.jpg post-vlisco-straatschildering 2.jpg

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