Knit and Purl

Textielmuseum Tilburg and Jongeriuslab asked Simone Post to design a knitted plaid for the collection ‘By Textielmuseum’. The result will be exhibited during Dutch Design Week 2015.

Simone Post was inspired by reliefs, cables and aran stitches used in classic hand knitted fabrics. These are all made by combining left en right stitches, also known as knit and purl. Using an industrial technique both left en right were given another color. This created a very new and layered image. The design tempts you to look from left to right and back again, as well with its literal zig zag cables on top, as with the subtile ascending colors from left to right. A design with many references to traditional handmade knitting-work, but which is impossible to create by hand. copy.jpg

Copyright | Simone Post
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