Post-Vlisco the book

Post-Vlisco is a book Simone Post created about the complete research into Vlisco, the factory, the product and the waste and mainly about how to treat this waste in such a way that it can be used again.

The book is made in a small edition and for sale via this website, every cover is bound a unique piece of Vlisco, from each book there's only one! Pick your own exclusive copy in the Webshop!

"Upcycling leftovers from Dutch textile mainstay Vlisco - Wax-coated textiles Popular in Central and west Africa - Design Academy Eindhoven graduate and Keep an Eye Grant winner Simone Post develops a new series of interior applications. In keeping with the brand's high quality production - in place since the mid 19th-century - the designer employs new folding and laser-cutting techniques to give 'misprints' 3D life and in-turn intrinsic value. Rugs and panels are made in different colour and texture combinations, based on Vlisco's rich offering of eclectic prints. To reach her result, Post undertook extensive research, the process of which you will find in this special edition. Every book is bound in a unique piece of Vlisco misprint. The book's layered side refers back end result rugs." 3.jpg boekenklein.jpg

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